Whitewater Rafting guide

Spend your summer outside! Our guides are the face of the company. Training usually takes about 3 weeks and includes river rescue techniques, CPR and First Aid. 

We hire rafting guides in the Fort Collins, CO area to run our Cache la Poudre River trips and the Kremmling, CO area to run our Colorado River trips. Most guides live near the rivers and we bring the rafters to you!

Season is mid-May through Labor Day weekend. Guides with previous commercial experience can start work full or part time in May. Those requiring training are usually ready to go by early-mid June. Inexperienced guides are hired only on a full time basis.

Most companies make guides call in each evening to find out if they work the next day. We publish a schedule, so at the beginning of the season you'll know your days off for the entire summer. Ask around - this is pretty rare in the rafting industry. Flexibility to trade days with other guides.

Experienced guide pay is determined by experience.

You won't be a millionaire as a raft guide, but you'll make lifelong friends. Ask any guide.

Contact us at info@rapidtransitrafting.com if you’re interested in being rafting guide. Please provide a little bit of info about yourself and why you think you’d be a good addition to our team along with your CV/resume.